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From Precision to Performance

GUS Products is the #1 trusted electronic contract manufacturer for discerning clients since 1965.

GUS Products has been a leading manufacturer specializing in Printed Cricut Board Assemblies. Cable Harness Assemblies, and Electro-Mechanical Assemblies for the OEM's who demand the best in quality and reliability.

GUS Products is equipped to serve the full range of complex, high level prototype and large scale production runs with over 100 satisfied customers across various markets such as Oil & Gas, Automotive and Medical Industry.

Product Range

Markets We Serve


Oil & Gas

With advancements in technology, the oil and gas industry has been motivated to produce more product to meet the constant growing global demand. GUS Products has extensive knowledge working with customers that support land and offshore oil and natural gas rigs. GUS supports our nation’s oil refineries with gas analyzers that detect various type of gases better known as Chromatography Systems. We also support OEMs that build product that work at the well head, such as proximeter sensors for high RPM motor applications. GUS Products builds both AC and DC Modules for critical systems that require stand by power on the Rig 24/7. OEMs that demand quality and products that are fully tested depend on GUS Products to deliver products on time every time.

Why Choose GUS Products

GUS Products demonstrates its commitment to quality and safety through certifications that matter.



Quality to match your product standards

  • State of the art equipment for precision and speed

  • 100% test assurance so you have zero returns

  • Experienced & Expert staff who understand quality standards thoroughly

Reliable delivery with supply chain visibility

  • Robust ISO processes and trained staff

  • 3 SMT machine lines to deliver at scale

  • Oracle ERP for supply chain transparency

Value based pricing and assured service

  • Strong vendor relationships so you get the best price without compromising on quality

  • Assured production support on every build

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